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Shen1 is a portable functional programming language that offers

write once, run anywhere

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  • pattern matching,
  • lambda calculus consistency,
  • macros for defining domain specific languages,
  • optional lazy evaluation,
  • static type checking based on sequent calculus, one of the most powerful systems for typing in functional programming
  • an integrated fully functional Prolog,
  • an inbuilt compiler-compiler.
  • has a BSD kernel that runs under a host of different languages (Lisp, Python, Javascript, C ...) and operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS/X).
  • is extensively documented in a book

You can download BSD versions of Shen from our OS download page. To begin to learn Shen, browse the Learn Shen section. Shen Professional is a cloud-based high performance development of the OS Shen kernel incorporating graphics and concurrency for Shen enthusiasts.

1 ‘Shen’ is Chinese for 'spirit'; indicating the language
transcends the divisions between physical languages
and operating systems. Our meditating Taoist is our logo.