There are over 500 members in the Shen news group to approach for questions. We also have the 2011 committee who exist to advise on the development of Shen. As of 2021 these are:

Dr Mark Tarver Chairman of the committee. Graduate of the Universities of Reading, Oxford, Warwick and Leeds, Dr Tarver is the originator of Shen and the current license holder. He built the first Common Lisp port for Shen.
Ramil Farkhshatov Ramil built the Javascript and Python ports for Shen.
Bruno Deferrari Bruno built and maintains the Scheme port of Shen. He also hosts the github mirror for OS Shen releases.
Mark Thom Mark built and maintains the Haskell port of Shen.
Tatsuya Tsuda Tatsuya built and maintains the C port of Shen. He also built the iOS app of Shen.
Chris Double Chris ported Shen to Wasp Lisp
Neal Alexander Neal was the prime driver in the development of Shen Professional.

We'd like to recognise the following emeritus former members of the committee who served their time and made significant contributions to Shen; Vasil Diadov, Kian Wilcox, Hakan Raberg, Carl Shapiro, Aditya Siram, Willi Riha, Greg Spurrier.

Some community resources ...

Online News Group the place for all your questions
IRC chat channel chat interactively on Shen
Shen on Reddit for reddit users


The support page for the text Logic, Proof and Computation is established.


THORN Theorem prover derived from HORN clause logic is available.


Shen Education Channel starts on Youtube.


Yggdrasil project launched - the grand unification of programming languages.


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