The latest kernel is S31. The S prefix indicates that the kernel is conformant to the standards laid down in The Book of Shen, 4th edition .

The downloads include versions built with extensions which are documented by the developer. Unless stated, all versions should support the features documented in The Book of Shen . We are happy to point to new downloads posted in the newsgroup but we do insist on standards of reliability in these ports. There is a folder of test programs in the sources for people to test their ports. Any Shen implementation should pass these tests modulo any memory limitations of the platform.

Kernel Downloads

The source code and installation instructions for the kernel can be downloaded from here.

S31.02 Released 15/11/2021. Backend functions for Common Lisp placed in package .cl rather than .shen. .
S31.01 Released 1/11/2021. This is the vanilla version from Mark Tarver documented in The Book of Shen .


These are various ports which are based on the S series kernels.

Platform Operating System Comments
SBCL Windows Ported by Mark Tarver, S31.02, based on standard installation SBCL 1.3.10.
CLisp Windows Ported by Mark Tarver, S31.02, based on standard installation CLisp, 2.49.

There are a large number of pre-S series ports which can be found here.

Useful Downloads.

The Standard Library

The most important is the standard library written by Mark Tarver, developed from the closed source Shen Professional. This will be documented in the 'Learn' section of this site. Available after November 2021.


There have been several editors developed for Shen. Downloads exist for Emacs and Robert Koeniger developed a version for Sublime.

Regex Parsing

Eric Schulte developed a regex parser in the manner of Perl for parsing large files.

Foreign Function Interface

Mark Tarver developed a file-based FFI designed to work with the Shen instruction set


A compendium of other work, some historically early, is held here..


Faster, smaller S31 Shen kernel released; read about the S series of kernels here.


Fourth edition of 'The Book of Shen' released; read about it here.


Bruno Deferrari wins the first Shen Open Science prize.


Yggdrasil project launched - the grand unification of programming languages.


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