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Area Author Licence Description Download
editors Robert Koeninger BSD editor for Shen based on Sublime download
Master Mind Antti Ylikoski BSD Mastermind in Shen download
Graphs Eric Schulte BSD basic library for some common graph properties download
HTML Generation Eric Schulte BSD basic Lisp style list to HTML conversion download
Dictionary Eric Schulte BSD hash coding entries to a vector download
file handling Eric Schulte BSD basic file handling operations download
macros Eric Schulte BSD some simple general purpose macros download
package management Eric Schulte BSD package requirement system download
pattern matching Kjetil Mattheussen BSD pattern matching interpreter that takes a pattern and an instance and returns a list of bindings. download
regexpr Eric Schulte BSD regular expressions for Shen. download
sequence Eric Schulte BSD basic list processing functions download
modules Eric Schulte BSD module system for managing Shen libraries download
Shen minikanren Mark Thom BSD shen-minikanren is a Shen implementation of miniKanren, an embedded DSL for logic programming. download
Shen microcanren Jason Hemann MIT an implementation of microKanren in Shen download
Shen test framework Greg Spurrier BSD ShenTest is a simple, expressive testing framework for Shen programs. download
Verilog tooling Sam Falvo Mozilla Public License 2.0 SMG is designed to take a state-machine description of a circuit, expressed in a more tabular format instead of an algorithmic format, and translate it into a purely asynchronous logic Verilog module. download
RSS parser Matthew Marks None Parses XML download
JSON parser Sam Chase None JSON library for Shen. download
OO Antti Ylikoski BSD Object oriented programming download


The support page for the text Logic, Proof and Computation is established.


THORN Theorem prover derived from HORN clause logic is available.


Shen Education Channel starts on Youtube.


Yggdrasil project launched - the grand unification of programming languages.


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