The Shen Open Science Prize



The Shen Open Science Shen Prize is given to people making an outstanding open science contribution to the advance of Shen. This includes both readable code, excellent free or low cost documentation and recognition of service (e.g, promotion of Shen, maintenance and support of software or documentation). The prize includes a signed copy of The Book of Shen 4th edition , registration in the Hall of Winners and a cash reward depending on the funds available and the significance of the contribution.

The prize is administered by a board of trustees.


Chairman Dr Mark Tarver He has lectured in computer science both in the UK and abroad and is the originator of Shen and the current license holder. He built the first Common Lisp port for Shen, created the Shen website and news group and authored the canonical text on Shen, The Book of Shen , which saw a fourth edition in the summer of 2021. He is the webmaster of the current Shen site.
Vice-Chairman Rosemary Smith Rosemary Smith studied Design and Technology at Oxford with a B. Ed. and holds a degree in Technical Communications. She has devoted her life to education
Treasurer Judi Chrysanthou Judi Chrysanthou's background is in business and voluntary organisation. She has experience of working both in the private and public sector.

Conditions of the Prize

The conditions of the prize are as follows.

  1. It is awarded and the associated sum fixed as a result of a majority vote by trustees.
  2. No trustee may receive the award.
  3. A person may only win one such prize in a year.

Donating to the Award

The Shen Open Science award is funded by public donation. If you would like to contribute then you can do so here.

In Memory of Dr W. O. Riha by Mark Tarver

I'd like to take a moment to recognise one of the earliest open source Shen programmers; Dr Willi Riha.

Dr Willi O. Riha was a personal friend who had a long career in computer science. Willi was born in Vienna in 1943 and studied Mathematics and Astronomy at the University of Vienna. He graduated as a doctor with a dissertation on algebra; a subject which he remained interested in till the end of his career. He and I both worked for a time at the School of Computer Science at Leeds.

Willi and I became close friends in the period after 2004, when we had both left university teaching. We shared a common dislike of the direction of academia. Willi became involved in Shen in 2012, coding the first maths library for the language. He was constantly refining his work in Shen up to 2018 when he left the project. In April 2020, a few weeks into the first Covid lockdown in the UK, Willi suffered a massive stroke. He was taken into permanent care that same year and will live out the remainder of his life in a home, being paralysed down his right side. It was a sad result for a brilliant and active man.


Shen Education Channel starts on Youtube.


Faster, smaller S31 Shen kernel released; read about the S series of kernels here.


Fourth edition of 'The Book of Shen' released; read about it here.


Bruno Deferrari wins the first Shen Open Science prize.


Yggdrasil project launched - the grand unification of programming languages.


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