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To begin to learn Shen you need a copy of the language. Open our interactive Javascript page of the Shen REPL in a new window. Look at Shen in 15 minutes for a quick learning guide and then reference the OS Shen Manual. If you find this interesting you might want to buy one of the books. Go to our News Group if you get stuck.

The Shendoc webpage is useful as a language standard for those porting Shen. It is a developers guide rather than a resource for learning Shen.

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Further Study

After you've got some acquiantance with Shen, you can move on to study the language in depth. If your logic needs a brush-up, get Logic, Proof and Computation to learn the logical theory behind Shen and how sequent calculus works. The Book of Shen gives the complete introduction to the language.

Want to learn Shen from the ground up?

Shen has emerged as one of the most portable and far-reaching integrations of two great programming paradigms - functional and logic programming. The third edition to The Book of Shen gives the foundations of both those disciplines, exploring both lambda calculus, type theory, first - order and Horn clause logic in a text which is rich in worked examples. In the course of 400 pages, the text gives a complete formal and informal exposition of Shen.

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Want to learn the logical background to Shen?

Beginning with a review of formal languages and their syntax and semantics, Logic, Proof and Computation conducts a computer assisted course in formal reasoning and the relevance of logic to mathematical proof, information processing and philosophy. Topics covered include formal grammars, semantics of formal languages, sequent systems, truth-tables, propositional and first order logic, identity, proof heuristics, regimentation, set theory, databases, automated deduction, proof by induction, Turing machines, undecidability and a computer illustration of the reasoning underpinning Godel's incompleteness proof. LPC is designed as a multidisciplinary reader for students in computing, philosophy and mathematics.

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