Learn Shen

There are two ways of learning Shen.

  • Fast track learning.
  • From the basics.

Fast Track Learning

You can listen to a 5 minute video appeal about our work here.

Fast track learning is for people who already know functional programming and want to begin programming with Shen. We recommend you do the following.

  • Read the Shen in 15 minutes tutorial for experienced functional programmers.
  • Use the resources of fast reference on the left for key ideas.
  • Look up the guide for System Functions when needed.

More advanced material dealing with sequent calculus etc. requires deeper study. At the bottom of every fast reference precis page, there are a list of references drawn from the detailed references resources. This includes

  • The Shen Official Standard which gives a compact account of the differences between Qi and Shen.
  • as well as online sources such as Wikipedia.

Learning from the Basics

If you have no experience in functional programming then read the official guide to Shen, The Book of Shen, second edition, which can be bought online from January 2014.

An errata page has been created for producing a second print - you can add to it by reporting any errata you find to support . A complete directory of all the programs used in TBoS is available.