2011 Committee

The 2011 committee was formed by a group of developers who had significant input to Shen. They act as guarantors for the future development of Shen. all 2011 committee members are moderators in the news group. The 2011 committee is as follows.

Dr Mark Tarver chairman of the committee Graduate of the Universities of Reading, Oxford, Warwick and Leeds, Dr Tarver is the originator of Shen and the current license holder. He built and maintains the Common Lisp ports for Shen.
Ramil Farkhshatov committee member Ramil built the Javascript and Python ports for Shen.
Bruno Deferrari committee member Bruno built and maintains the Scheme port of Shen. He also hosts the github mirror for Shen releases.
Mark Thom committee member Mark built and maintains the Haskell port of Shen.
Aditya Siram committee member Built and maintains the Elisp/Emacs port of Shen. Speaks about Shen at various conferences.
Tatsuya Tsuda committee member Tatsuya built and maintains the C port of Shen. He also built the iOS app of Shen.

Emeritus Former Members

We'd like to recognise the following emeritus former members of the committee who served their time and made significant contributions to Shen.

Vasil Diadov former committee member Vasil is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology and technical director of IRIS Ltd. Vasil funded much of the construction of Shen and hosted the original Shen applications repo on Github.
Kian Wilcox former committee member Kian is an independent researcher and programmer in the Bay area. He ran the private kernel repo for Shen releases which has since moved to a public area in github.
Hakan Raberg former committee member Hakan is an independent consultant who works largely in Clojure. He built the Clojure and JVM ports for Shen.
Carl Shapiro former committee member Formerly of GENSYM corporation and Franz Inc, now senior engineer at Google working on the Android project. Carl influenced the design of Shen.
Greg Spurrier former committee member Greg built and maintained the Ruby port of Shen.